North Coast Section Championships

Empire's top 25 times
Team Times (Dyestat)
Individuals: Girls, 4 0f 7 NBL (Dyestat)

Recap (Caltrack)
Boys Division I Montgomery qualifies on in 2nd led by Juniors Matt Fitch (2nd) at 15:21 and K.C. Cody (6th) 15:53. Fitch has fastest time by Empire runner and 4th best of meet. One of the fastest 3 milers ever run by an Empire runner. Viking team has 3rd fastest team time of meet. Complete Results (
Division II Santa Rosa qualifies in 2nd led by Eddy McFarlin in 10th 16:22. Ukiah Sophomore Tim Quiroga makes it on (4th) at 16:02 and Casa Grande Sophomore Mike Becker also goes on (9th) at 16:21. Complete Results (
Division III Analy Senior Ruben Mora-Roman (4th) qualifies on at 15:39 as well as Petaluma Senior Steven Cozza (9th) at 16:01. Mora-Roman is the only Analy boy to ever qualify for the state meet and has now done it for the third year-in-a-row. Complete Results (
Division IV Cardinal Newman qualifies on in 2nd led by Juniors Galen Aymar (11th) at 16:55 and J.K. Withers (15th) 17:04. Willits Senior Kelly Clark (3rd) at 16:29 and Healdsburg Senior Ben Seisdedos (5th) at 16:32 both qualify on. Complete Results (
Division V Senior Sean Sanders of Rincon Valley Christian is top Empire runner at 17:29. Complete Results (

Girls Division I Junior Phyliss Blanchard of Rancho Cotate became Rancho's first ever NCS Champion winning in 18:21. 11th time an Empire runner has won this race since 1990. Ukiah Junior Shelby Leland (2nd) in 18:45 qualified along with Sophomore teammate Megan Mullin (7th) in 19:13. Complete Results (
Division II By far the best race of day with three fastest finishers. Montgomery edged by College Park 46-51 qualifies on with Senior Kim Handel (2nd) 17:48 and Junior Kim Conley (3rd) 18:06. Handels time is also one of the fastest 3 milers ever run by an Empire runner. Sophomore Emma Conley (8th) in 18:41. Viking girls have fastest team time of entire meet. Maria Carrillo qualifies on with strong 3rd at 77 points led by Sophomore Amy Robinson (4th) in 18:20. Casa Grande Sophomore Ashton LeSieur becomes her schools first ever girl qualifier (5th) at 18:28. Complete Results (
Division III Senior Jacqui Vance of Petaluma is Empire's top runner (20th) at 19:54. Complete Results (
Division IV Ursuline qualifies on at 3rd led by Junior Kelly Lane (8th) in 19:33. Freshman Amanda Atkinson of Healdsburg also qualifies (12th) in 19:56. Complete Results (
Division V Sophomore Caitlyn Pilkington of St. Vincent qualifies on (4th) in 19:45 Complete Results (