Who to look for in 2010 TRACK

Here is a very short list of who the top tracksters may be this year!

All Top returners


Thomas Kozel, 12, Healdsburg 200 22.32, 6th NCS, 11th All-Time FAT/Wind Legal 100 11.03, 5th Junior All-Time, 28th All-Time, 10th All-Time FAT 400 52.18 Alyssa Page, 11, Montgomery 100 12.35, 1st NBL, 8th NCS, 2nd Sophomore All-Time, 7th All-Time 200 25.75, 1st NBL, 7th Sophomore All-Time, 17th All-Time David Tange, 12, Petaluma 400 50.45, 1st SCL, 8th NCS 200 23.14+ Dezirae Johnson, 10, Piner 400 58.54, 1st NBL, 8th NCS, 3rd Freshman All-Time, =17th All-Time 200 26.25, 6th Freshman All-Time, 44th All-Time 300LH 49.37 Thomas Kozel Alyssa Page David Tange Dezirae Johnson Kozel, Page, Tange & D. Johnson


Jacque Taylor, 12, Casa Grande 1600 4:49.63, 1st SCL, 1st NCS, 4th State, 4th All-Time 3200 10:34.39, 1st SCL, 3rd NCS, 11th State, 5th All-Time 800 2:17.05 12th All-Time Reesey Byers, 12, Santa Rosa 5000 15:44.2, 2nd All-Time 3200 9:06.93, 1st NBL, 17th STATE, NEW JUNIOR CLASS RECORD, 2nd All-Time 1600 4:21.77, 38th All-Time 800 2:00.44+ Reesey Byers and Jacque Taylor Reesey Byers and Jacque Taylor


Claire Bingham, 12, Healdsburg; 100HH, 15.33, 1st SCL, 4th All-Time 300LH, 47.04+, 1st SCL, =20th All-Time 100 12.74, 1st SCL, 26th All-Time FAT Jeremy Thompson, 12, Maria Carrillo 300IH 39.52, 1st NBL, 7th NCS, 4th Junior All-Time, 9th All-Time Long Jump 22-4i, 1st NBL, =30th All-Time 110HH 15.27, =19th All-Time FAT Kyra Johnson, 10, Piner 300LH 46.48, 1st NBL, 7th NCS, NEW FRESHMAN CLASS RECORD, 13th All-Time 400 59.65, 8th Freshman All-Time Claire Bingham Jeremy Thompson Kyra Johnson Bingham, Thompson & K.Johnson


Michelle Stone, 12, Ursuline Pole Vault 12-0, 1st NBL, 2nd NCS, =7th State, REDWOOD EMPIRE RECORD HOLDER High Jump 5-0 Luisa McInnis, 11, Montgomery High Jump 5-5, 1st NBL, 6th NCS, =5th Sophomore All-Time, =7th All-Time Julia Krickl, 12, Maria Carrillo High Jump 5-5, 7th NCS, =5th Sophomore All-Time, =7th All-Time Michelle Stone Luisa McInnis Julia Krickl Stone, McInnis & Krickle


Travis Baker, 11, Santa Rosa Discus 161-6, 1st NBL, 8th NCS, NEW SOPHOMORE CLASS RECORD, 33rd All-Time Shot Put 50-7, 13th NCS, 4th Sophomore All-Time Travis BakerTravis Baker Baker